Town Plan Public Hearings

Preliminary schedule follows:

-   Jul – FOCUS: Vision and Strategic Goals, City Issues, and the City’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • PRE-BRIEF: Hike & Bike Trails and Sidewalks Update

-    Aug – FOCUS:  Hike & Bike Trails and Sidewalks
  • PRE-BRIEF: Development Update - Denton Communities and Bitterblue

-   Sep – FOCUS:  Residential and Commercial Development
  • PRE-BRIEF:  Drainage Study Results - KFW Engineering

-   Oct – FOCUS:  Flooding and Drainage
  • PRE-BRIEF: Feasibility Study and Survey Results

-   Nov – FOCUS:  City’s Municipal Tract
  • PRE-BRIEF:  NW Military Highway Improvement Plan Update

-   Dec – FOCUS:  NW Military Highway improvements - TxDOT

The 2010 Town Plan will be available for review by the public at the Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing. To view plan click here >>>2010 Town Plan.