William "Willie" F. Lynch, Jr.

A Tribute to William F. Lynch Jr., February 2, 1959 – April 8th, 2017
Beloved longtime employee of Shavano Park

It is with great sadness that I inform you that we lost one of our own on April 8th, 2017.

Born in 1959 in Riverside California, William Jr., (or “Willie” to us in Shavano Park) was the middle child of seven children to William and Alice Lynch.  He grew up with six sisters where he learned the art of getting along, getting his work done, and having a great sense of humor.  His father served in the U.S. Air Force and retired in San Antonio in 1970.  After graduating from John Jay High School in 1978, Willie worked various construction and mechanical jobs where the “rubber meets the road” while earning a real man’s pay check. 

Willie earned and showed great love in his life and in 1992 he welcomed his first child Naomi to this world.  Being a father and grandfather were the thing he cherished in life.  His children loved and relied on him immensely. 

Willie began work in Shavano Park in 1997 with a salary of $6.50 / hour.  He quickly learned the water system and began a series of regimented training courses, which included: Basic Water; Groundwater Production; Water Distribution, Emergency Preparedness; Utility Safety; Customer Service; and Hazardous Materials. He became a subject matter expert on water wells and water distribution systems.

In 1999, he earned his Grade D Waterworks Operator’s license.  In 2016, Willie was so excited when he earned his Class C Ground Water Treatment Operator license, which is a key requirement in running our water system and meeting TCEQ requirements. 

In 2011, Willie was promoted to Public Works / Water System Foreman.  Nobody had more working knowledge of the City’s utilities and water system than Willie.  Notable accomplishments by the department under Willie’s leadership include employing the Trinity Well System, refurbishment of the Elevated Water Storage Tank; Construction of the Public Works building; hundreds of miles of road repair and sealing’s; numerous repairs of water mains; and thousands of other required tasks. 

Not only did Willie work very hard on weekdays; he frequently worked several hours on both Saturday and Sunday keeping our water supply safe.  On countless occasions Willie was called in after hours on emergency calls regarding flooding or water system repairs.  He always answered the call and got the job done - reliability became his reputation.

Willie was kind, friendly, respectful and always focused on his men and the residents of Shavano Park.  He had a can do approach and I never heard him complain or state that he couldn’t do something.  He never asked his men to do something that he hadn’t already done or that he wouldn’t do himself.  His favorite sayings was, “Well, that’s a PP (personal problem) Sir.”  He enjoyed listening to the Eagles as well as a variety of music to include Rap.  When he wasn’t at work, Willie was usually found caring for his children and fixing and doing things for other people (lawn maintenance; painting; building decks and sheds; reroofing; plumbing, and taking them to the doctor).  He was truly a jack of all trades.  Willie’s daughter, Naomi, considered her dad Superman because he was so strong and he could do anything. One of his nicknames was “SuperWill.”

May God Bless our Brother, Friend, Partner, Father, Parent, Teammate - his legacy will live on for many years to come through the many lives he has touched.

Very Respectfully,
Bill Hill
City Manager