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Water Advisory Committee

Purpose: The Water Advisory Committee shall advise the Mayor and the City Council on the City of Shavano Park Water System including recommended policies on water protection measures,; operation and maintenance of the system, operating budget, short-term and long-term capital budgets and associated projects; ordinances appropriate for effecting such policies; and other appropriate matters as established by City Council.

Membership: The Water Advisory Committee consists of six (6) members, whom shall be appointed by City Council. The Water Advisory Committee shall choose its Chairman from among its members and shall preside over all Commission meetings and may participate in Commission debate but shall not vote; and all recommended appointments shall be approved by a majority of City Council. Special Note: All members must reside within the City of Shavano Park Water System service area to be eligble to serve.

Term: Members shall be appointed for 2 (two) year terms; members whose terms expire may continue to serve until a successor member is appointed. In such case when a new member is appointed, the term shall relate back to the time of expiration of the previous term. Service for a partial term of greater than one year constitutes a term for the purpose of determining the consecutive number of terms permissible;

The initial terms of the members of the Committee shall be established and staggered as follows:
  • Three (3) members shall be appointed with terms ending in January 2009.
  • Two (2) members and the Mayor recommended appointment shall be appointed with terms ending January of 2010.
  •  After the initial term of members, the members of the Water Advisory Committee shall serve overlapping two-year terms beginning October 1st and ending September 30th.
Meets: The Committee shall meet at times as established by a majority of the committee but at least once a quarter.