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Police Services

The Shavano Park Police Department is a 24/7 full service police department dedicated to keeping you safe.

We're good but we can always use the eyes and ears of the public.  If you see suspicious behavior DIAL 9-1-1.  The Shavano Park PD has an excellent response time so your timely call is important.

SEE A CRIME, REPORT A CRIME - DIAL 9-1-1 for any emergency!

We Offer Some Services You Might Not Know About

  • Home Inspection (FREE) - contact us during office hours at (210) 492-9248 to schedule
  • Out of Town / Patrol-by
  • Fingerprinting / Shavano Park Residents - no cost;

    Non-residents - $25 fee for two cards  (Valid ID required)

Contact us at (210) 492-9248  to schedule an appointment.


Out of Town / Patrol-by request

Police Complaint Process