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Latest City News

2018 Annual Crime Report
The 2018 Annual Crime Report is now available for viewing on our
Police Transparency page.

This annual report details the crime statistics for 2018, as well as the Department's achievements this past year. Overall, crime was reduced by 39% in the City for 2018, and by 60.6% for the 2-year period 2016 through 2018. While on patrol, officers made 2,620 citizen/community policing contacts and 410 vacation house checks. Officers continue to allocate time in each residential neighborhood for greater visibility and enforcement, driving 144,563 miles during 2018. See report for full details.

The Shavano Park Police Department is committed to providing exceptional service to our community, and the continued officer – citizen team efforts of reporting and solving crimes. The City commends their achievements this past year in protecting and serving Shavano Park.
Shavano Park Recognized as a Community Wildlife Habitat

Today, the City of Shavano Park announces it’s certification as a “Community Wildlife Habitat” through the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). The City is the 4th community in Texas to recieve this designation. The process of certifying as a NWF Community Wildlife Habitat began almost two years ago as a citizen-based initiative. Over the ensuing months, habitat gardens were added and enhanced at municipal facilities, an ongoing process of elevating citizens’ awareness of wildlife and water began, and best practices were adopted by citizens, businesses, HOAs and City administration. This designation means that the City, its participating residents, community associations and business partners have agreed to follow guidelines on how to live in harmony with our natural habitat.

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